6th Grade



September 5-9

Lesson one

Complete the sentences with the forms of to be in the present simple (am, is, are).

  1. I ….at home.
  2. She ….not at home in the morning.
  3. We … in the park.
  4. This …my new laptop.
  5. Our friends …on their summer holidays.
  6. Uncle George …. a good football player.
  7. The dog ….under the table.
  8. He …. very funny.
  9. The shoes….white.
  10. You ….right.
  11. Susan … good at tennis.
  12. They …in the house.
  13. His T-shirts … cool.
  14. My sister …a good swimmer.
  15. She …. in Italy.

Change the verb into the correct form:

1. London  (be) in England.
2. The summer  (be) hot.
3. She  (drive) very well.
4. They (open) the store at 8:00.
5. Linda  (be) a very pretty girl.
6. I (have) several jobs.
7. Water (boil) at 100 degrees.
8. Water  (freeze) at 0 degrees.
9. My sister  (speak) English.
10. He  (have) a big apartment.
11. A triangle  (have) three corners.
12. My birthday  (be) in June.
13. Books (have) pages.
14. Dogs  (be) good friends.
15. I  (work) hard.


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